Business Counsel, Inc. is a network of law firms based in the United States and abroad focused on providing high quality legal services to the corporate business community.

Members of Business Counsel, Inc. include private law firms in most major economic centers in the United States, Belgium, France, Germany, Israel, Luxembourg, Mexico, Myanmar, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates engaged in business law representation, including transactional law, regulatory and litigation.

Corporate and business clients are invited to make inquiries of any member firm as to the structure and nature of the network and of the benefits of an association with Business Counsel, Inc. or any of its member law firms.

Business Counsel’s member firms each maintain complete autonomy, provide professional services on an individual basis and are not restricted in referring, handling or accepting cases, or in joining other professional organizations.

Business Counsel is not a formal or informal arrangement for the joint marketing, promotion, advertising or conduct of the businesses of the member firms or a business referral network. The member firms and professionals within the member firms may, from time to time, refer to each other matters on a non-exclusive and voluntary basis. No professional personnel from any member firm will be involved in providing professional services for another member firm. No part of any fee or any other compensation paid to any member firm will be shared with any other member firm or any individual associated with any other member firm because of their membership in Business Counsel, Inc. Member firms do not conduct common training programs nor do they share strategies or expertise and they do not conduct any common operations. Information with respect to Business Counsel, Inc. and that of its respective member firms will be provided to clients and prospective clients upon request.

Business Counsel’s members gather twice a year at formally organized events in order to discuss and explore issues of common interest to each other and to their clients. Business executives, corporate counsel, risk managers and other business clients are, from time to time, invited to participate with our members at these meetings. In addition, these meetings provide invited clients and others with important opportunities to express specific needs and concerns, to exchange ideas and information on important issues confronting the business legal community and, the opportunity to meet firms from throughout the United States and abroad on an informal basis.

Business Counsel’s membership provides firms with a number of important advantages in a continually evolving legal and technological world.

We greatly appreciate your interest in our organization. For further information, we encourage you to contact Marion Priest via e-mail at businesscounsel@businesscounsel.org or via telephone at 781-871-4090.